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H.E.R Haul Courier


H.E.R Haul Courier is a woman-owned and operated delivery service that specializes in last-mile and hot shot LTL deliveries in the DFW and surrounding areas. Our dedicated platform of experienced drivers and support staff strive to provide exceptional customer service and on-time deliveries, while also prioritizing best practices. Our fleet of vehicles, owned and operated by by professional on-demand couriers, includes various sizes and types to suit the specific needs of each client. We utilize the latest technology to ensure efficient routing, tracking, and communication. H.E.R Haul’s commitment to diversity, community outreach, and empowering women and men in the logistics industry sets us apart as a reliable and socially responsible delivery service. 

Image by Alexander Simonsen

Deliver with Us!

Couriers at H.E.R Haul are always on the move, delivering packages all over town. We are committed to providing the best courier services possible and are constantly working on innovative ways to improve our operations. 

Accept the deliveries YOU want; WHEN you want!

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